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Chase The Ace 3 weekly winners

February 26, 2017

Ron Kelly was our winner of $76.00 at Friday Feb 24th’s Chase the Ace turning the 10 of clubs.

March 10th – Guy Gagné

March 17th – Gus Ouellette won $165.The winner of a $50.00 gift card to Moxy’s Bar and Grill (for wearing green) went to Marlene Thomson.

March 24th – Bev Blakeney

March 31st – Cathy MacDonald

April 7th – Leonard Pitre

April 14th – Murielle Titus

April 21st – Art & Wayne Toole

April 28th – David Bulmer

May 5th – Wayne Toole

May 12th – Melodie Didychuk

May 19 – Guy Gagn

May 26 – Ron Kelly