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Student Summer Job Opportunity at the Centre

May 5, 2015

This summer, the Irishtown Community Centre will be offering a student a position all summer for 35 hours a week. This is being offered through the GNB SEED program (Student Employment Experience Development). Students must apply for the program BEFORE June (see the information below). At the Irishtown Community Centre, the summer position will involve a varied range of activities including:

External grounds maintenance (lawns, general clean-up)
Internal general maintenance (patching, paintings, repairs)
Involvement as a coach / referee with the summer Soccer program (Monday and Wednesday evenings)
Involvement with other children’s activities
Preparation for fall programs
General support for other activities

At the centre, we are also looking for individuals that are:

Able to work for periods without direct supervision
Have access to a vehicle to get to and from the centre
Able to handle a range of jobs and tasks
This opportunity will provide a range of activities that will support our centre, provide valuable work experience and provide a local employment opportunity.

To be eligible for the program, a student must be in grade 12, college or university and be planning to return to school at the end of the summer. An overview of the program can be found here:

There are no electronic application form available and students that are interested must obtain and complete a SEED Student Application for Summer Employment Placements. The application kits are available at:

Department’s Regional Offices;
Human Resource Service Centers;
Service New Brunswick Centers;
New Brunswick Universities;
Community Colleges; and
High Schools.
If you want to work at the Irishtown Community Centre, you can specifically request this on your application form for consideration. The SEED program coordinators will forward candidates for consideration once the applications are received.

The Board of Directors are really excited about having this position to support both a local student and get some extra help at the centre over the summer.