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2014 AGM meeting minutes

May 29, 2014

Irishtown Community Centre AGM Meeting Minutes

May 21st, 2014

Kirk opens the meeting 7:00 PM.
Shirley Richard – Minute Taker

Board Members in Attendance:
Kirk Ingraham – President (Fundraising)
Vacant – Vice President
Shirley Richard – Secretary/Treasurer (Exercise programs)
Sam Fielding – Director (Communications/Membership)
Gilles Gagnon – Director (Ball Hockey)
Marc Gagnon – Director (Social events)
Andrew Scott – Director
Carole Williams – Director
Ricky Cormier – Lions Club Rep

Absent: Marc Gagnon, Andrew Scott, Ricky Cormier

Members in attendance:
Yvonne Ouellette, Joan Maloney, Angela Cormier, Margaret Aldrich, Audrey Hayward, Linda Wilson, Carol Kelly, Mae LeBlanc, Linda Roy, Gerry Christensen, Nicole Brun, Sandra Levesque

Guest: Bruce Ayling

1. Welcome members.

2. Introduce Board members.

3. Brief overview of 2013 centre activities.
Fall Member corn boil, Diamond Dinner, Community Breakfasts, Christmas parade, Hallowe’en breakfast and Haunted House, United Way Day of Caring, Italian Night (canceled due to lack of sales), yoga, zumba, ball hockey, cards, roller skating, Christmas Craft Fair, Kids Summer Soccer, Softball, Seniors dinner, Kids Monday Night activities, Rentals.

4. Brief overview of future plans for centre.
We are aware there are provincial/federal grants. If anyone is aware of any, please provide information.

Plans are currently underway to update/improve the centre facility.

New Horizons grant submitted and accepted for kitchen renovations.

Working on plan to improve heating system.

5. Review of financials (2013 yearend)

Copies of the 2013 Yearend financial report was shared with members in attendance.

Question regarding MISC – each time the account is low, the bank automatically puts in an overdraft to carry us over until deposit. MISC on Revenue and Expenses reflects these transactions. This over draft is cleared each month leaving us with a positive.

6. Review of ICC By-Laws – request for amendment.
At present we have 7 directors who sit on the Board and there is room for 12. Anyone interested in joining can attend one of our monthly meetings (held every 3rd Wednesday of each month) to give notice. Our meetings are open to the public if anyone is interested in attending. Vice President position is currently open.

Our current By-Law under the section Officers item 18 states :
No Officer may hold any one position for longer than 2 years.
This was added to the document to encourage change every two years. However, we currently have Board members whose terms are completed and there is no one interested in putting their names forward. We are asking for the following amendment to be added to this section.

No Officer may hold any one position for longer than 2 years “Unless there is no replacement at which time, the present Officer may extend his/her term as interim until a replacement is elected. The new member must attend 3 Board meetings as a prerequisite to the position.

1st Carole Williams
2nd Gilles Gagnon
Those in favor raise your hand, those not in favor raise your hand.

All in favor – Unanimous agreement from members in attendance.
Motion carried.
Yvonne Ouellette, Joan Maloney, Angela Cormier, Margaret Aldrich, Audrey Hayward, Linda Wilson, Carol Kelly, Mae LeBlanc, Linda Roy, Gerry Christensen, Nicole Brun, Sandra Levesque

Questions from the floor:
1. How many current members?
Sam: approximately 100 active members to date. The Summer Soccer program usually increases the the membership number each year. As a member, email addresses are automatically added to our mailing list. The email list includes past/present membership addresses which is approximately 170.

If anyone does not want to be on the list, please notify us. The email list is used to advertise ICC events and provide general information.

Our communication avenues include our http://www.irishtowncommunitycentre.com website, 2 facebook accounts (one is to be removed), email list, signs located at each end of the town limits and one at centre entrance. We are presently working with Mountain View School district to be able to circulate information via the children.

2. If a community member has an idea/suggestion for an activity, how do they approach this?
Kirk: Recommend documenting your ideas on paper and present at a Board meeting. However, a suggestion will not necessarily be followed up through the board members, you need to be involved.

Linda Roy volunteered to help with updating the signs.
Linda Wilson volunteered to help with advertising.

ICC is an emergency centre for the Mountain View School.
Mountain View School holds their annual Christmas concert at the centre each year at no cost.

Community Breakfast June 7th 8:00 – 10:30 am (Sam & Shirley to coordinate)
United Way Volunteer Day June 13th – painting inside, ball shack, ground maintenance.

Sobeys Gift Card value $50.00 (door prize) won by Angela Cormier Congratulations!

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.